Why It Might be Time to Renovate Your Garage

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Garage Renovation

Let’s step back and take a look at your garage – does it ever see the car apart from parked outside? Is it full of stuff in a random manner that could probably do with going to the tip or at least being sorted into some semblance of order? Do you feel like it is a completely wasted space? If the answer is yes to any of these, then it might be time to renovate your garage.

What Can You Do?

So what uses are there for a garage that is otherwise sitting around doing nothing? The answer is a surprisingly large amount! One of the classic uses for a converted garage is as a playroom for the kids or a games room when they get older. Once the basic work is done you can add a big screen TV for their games consoles or other features that allows them to have their own dedicated space.

A home gym is another popular idea, allowing you to exercise when you want and only have the equipment you use within it. It can save you gym membership money in the long run and motivate you to use it as there are no opening times to contend with.

A hobby or interest space is another idea where you can work at what you love without interfering with the normal running of the house. From woodworking to art to crafts, a garage can make a perfect studio or workshop. Just be sure to take a look into adding the extra room to your existing property insurance.

Planning Permission

Before you start doing anything with your garage, you should check out if you need planning permission and if there are any building regulations involved. In most cases, planning permission isn’t needed unless you are altering the structure of the garage so if the work is purely internal, you are okay. The only exceptions are if the property is listed or in a conservation area, while some newly built properties may require it.

Building regulations will apply to any changes you make and all you need to do is contact your local authority with the relevant information. They will let you know about any rules that apply to your plans and will send a building inspector once it is done to give a certificate of completion.

Making The Space Usable

If you plan to use the garage for anything more than storing your car or your junk, then you might need to make some basic alterations to it. Insulation and damp proofing are two examples that are often left off garages but will be needed for a comfortable liveable space. There are regulations about the U value of the property and the damp proofing layers that are required which a good builder can explain in full.

Plumping and wiring will also likely be considered depending on the use of the garage you envision. Any kind of electrical work needs an electrician to complete and will need to be connected to the mains unless the usage is going to be minimal. Plumbing may not be needed unless you want running water to the space.