The Self-Build Journey – Drawing the Plans

Self Build Plans with Haldane Fisher

The Self-Build Journey – Drawing The Plans with Haldane Fisher

There’s no doubt that the urge to build our own home, just as we want it is a strong one. Look at 100 houses and you will always find something you don’t like. For some of us, we just ignore that irritation and buy the house. But for those who can consider self-build, then you no longer have to do this. Instead, you can have the house of your dreams. But getting that house starts with self build plans and this isn’t something you can do yourself.

The Design Process

Successfully designing a home takes a lot of knowledge and expertise but it helps if you, the self-builder, has plenty of ideas about what you want before you talk to professionals. Write down a wish list of features, sketch out ideas for room layouts, anything that you really want should go on a priority list. Then you can start talking to professionals who can give you confirmation about what will work and what won’t.

There are DIY options available and if you have the right experience of qualifications, then you can go down this route. But many who have done this find themselves falling foul to the planning permission department or running into a brick wall called Building Regulations. Using a professional can help negotiate around these issues.

Working Through The Ideas

Once you find the right person to work through the process with you, you can start sharing your ideas and all those notes you made. Look at the most important stuff, the things you can’t live without. Then look at the next tier of things, the stuff you would love if possible. Finally, there may be room for those things you would like but can manage without.

All of this will be done from the perspective of the rules and regulations that effect any property. Planners can help with questions such as materials, shape, height and orientation of the home so it pays to understand these questions from the outset, saving time down the line.

You may also want to consider factors such as the energy efficiency of the building and the sustainability of the materials. This matter will have more importance for some than others but should always be a consideration. Houses built with these factors in mind might even have a better chance of getting planning permission. Also, down the line if you want to sell the house, these factors can have an impact on the value and sale-ability of the property.


The other big part of this process is looking at the budget you have and what this will allow you to do. We would all love a huge house with loads of bedrooms, bathrooms and an indoor swimming pool but not every budget will stretch to it! But even a limited budget doesn’t mean a poorly designed house – it just means making the most of what you have.

Working with an expert may seem an extra expense but is one that will pay for itself in terms of project success and simplification of the process. Then you will firmly be on the way to your dream home.

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