Milwaukee Power Tools available from Haldane Fisher

Milwaukee® Power Tools – Fundamentally resetting customers expectations with nothing but HEAVY DUTY

At Haldane Fisher we have believe that MILWAUKEE Power Tools are the leading manufacturer in the industry, setting the bench mark in terms of information and inventory.

Since the company began in 1924, Milwaukee Power Tools has led the industry in both durability and performance. With an unwavering commitment to the trades, Milwaukee continues to lead with a focus on providing innovative, trade-specific solutions.

Their mission in cordless design is to introduce new solutions that make professionals more productive on the jobsite. Working side by side with users during the design and testing process gives them the ability to deliver game-changing solutions. Whether it is bringing cordless power to traditional corded products and manual activities or advances to fundamental tools, their drive to improve workplace productivity will continue to help us push the envelope of innovation and design.

Milwaukee Power Tools

Leading from the front with Milwaukee Power Tool innovation, they have recently introduced two ranges that are fundamentally resetting customers expectations with nothing but heavy duty.

M18 range – Performance Driven. Trade Focused. System wide.

The aim of creating The MILWAUKEE® M18 cordless system range was to set a new tone and create the highest performance power tool range in the industry. The M18 represents the ultimate synergy of professional grade power, light weight, extreme performance and superior ergonomics. Powered by REDLITHIUMbattery technology for unmatched run-time, and coupled with patented technologies, innovative motors and advanced electronics, M18 changes the game. Focused on improving productivity for professionals in the trades, MILWAUKEE® offers more than 125 performance-driven solutions that are fully compatible with the M18 family — the fastest growing 18V cordless system on the market

3 things that separate the m18 from other standard power tools.

  1. Powerstate Brushless Motors – Designed, engineered and built by Milwaukee, POWERSTATE is the best-in-class brushless motor that works harder and lives longer than all leading competitors. POWERSTATE brushes motors are ideal for professional trademen because they deliver more application speed, torque and durability in a smaller size.
  2. Redlink plus intelligence – This hardware and software is the most advances system of cordless power tool electronics. Integrating full-circle communication between tool, battery and charger, REDLINK PLUS Intelligence is a technology that all power tools crave but only Milwaukee provides.
  3. With the REDLITHIUM Battery Pack, Milwaukee M18 power tools work like they should – faster, longer and with fewer recharges. The M18 battery platform which is fully compatible with all M18fuel cordless power tool, maximizing performance delivering more run-time, power and recharges that other lithium-battery packs.

With the M18 you can expect a longer motor life, more power and a longer run time, all in the size of a traditional drill. Nothing but Heavy Duty!

One Key Technology from Milwaukee Power Tools

ONE-KEY- The first ever digital platform for tools and equipment.

The other major innovative technology that Milwaukee has brought out is the ONE-KEY™, the first digital platform for tools and equipment.

Combining a free-to-use inventory program with the industry’s smartest tools, ONE-KEY™ provides a new level of control and access to information that will revolutionize the way work gets done.

The ONE-KEY the cloud based operating system allows for ultimate tool inventory management.  By logging into the Inventory management portal, users can access an interface which shows where all current jobs are and the status of each tool. Whether its Purchase information, Tool statistics, performance reports or checking when maintenance is due, the ONE-KEY system takes out all the frustrations of managing tool inventory. This not only saves time but means any misplaced tools can be recovered.

At Haldane Fisher we have developed a strong partnership and track record with Milwaukee, allowing us to offer great deals and prices on a whole range of Milwaukee products.

For more information on our next Milwaukee ‘I’VE GOT THE POWER’ Powertool Event which will have huge savings on Milwaukee Power Tools will run on the 8th September click the above link. Participating branches are Bangor, Castle Street, Coleraine, Lisburn and Newry.

Why Choose Glulam & Posi Joists?

When looking at the construction of a building, one of the most crucial areas is the flooring. The design of the structure and the flooring used on this foundation is critical to the long term strength of the property as well as making for a well-designed and visually pleasing end result. Two of the newer ideas on the market are Glulam and Posi Joists. But what are they and why would you use them?


Glulam Example

Glued laminated timber, known as glulam, is a structural timber product that uses a number of layers of timber that are bonded together with a highly durable and moisture resistant adhesive made specially for structural jobs. Because of this design system, glulam is very flexible in its size with variations ranging from 45mm x 45mm right up to250mm x 1800mm x 30 metres long. It is an environmentally sustainable material that needs no mining or high energy processing in the way that steel or cement does and creates a warm and comfortable feel to any building in which it is installed.

Glulam is also lightweight, relieving stress on the underlying elements of the house and is one-sixth the weight of a reinforced concrete beam and two-thirds the weight of steel. Because it is lightweight it is also very easy to work with and is also fire resistant. It confirms to the Approved British Standards 4169:1988 and BS EN 386:1995.

With glulam being made as it is, it can also be created into various specifications depending on the needs of the property. It is very durable and can even work in very corrosive environments such as in a swimming pool where the humidity and chlorine levels can cause serious problems to other types of materials.

Posi joists

Reduced Posi Joists

Due to the ever changing demands for sustainable homes that also have a range of ventilation and heat recovery systems, more and more architects and builders are looking for open web flooring systems to meet these needs. One of the most popular of these are the posi joists and strut system. The combination of the lightness of the timber and the special steel web structures means that the system can cover greater distances than other forms. It also allows for a greater variety of internal layouts and a larger range of design freedom in domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

Another major advantage of the system is that there are far few components to put into place than in a traditional softwood floor. This means it is both cheaper and quicker to install. Carpenters don’t spend large amounts of time drilling holes and accommodating the electrics and plumbing facilities that are required. The system also requires less bracing material than other systems and there are no herringbone strutting required.

Finally, once the property is complete, the posi joist system allows easier access for maintenance and alterations than most other systems. So once ventilation and heating systems are installed, they can be easily reached for servicing and alterations. This can continue to save money in time and effort needed to do the work.