Decking and Fencing available from Haldane Fisher

Spring-cleaning Your Decking and Fencing

Spring has finally arrived bringing with it the chance to give your garden some much-needed attention. Now is a great time to prepare for the warmer months when, with any luck, we can spend more time outside. One area to focus your efforts on is the wooden accessories that help enhance your garden, for example Garden furniture, decking and fencing. So what is the best way to approach this spring-clean?

Take Stock

The process of spring-cleaning is a little like spring-cleaning your home. After the effects of the cold and wet during the winter months have a good look around to identify the areas that need a bit of TLC.   This especially applies to your fencing and decking that has been exposed to the elements all year round.

Some of the most common areas include signs that it has been damaged during the winter, perhaps by impact from debris in high winds or maybe from the freezing and thawing process or general colour fading. If any of the material looks to be beyond help, then you might want to look to replace them, otherwise you can get an idea of what needs the most work and what just needs a little bit of help to look back to its best.

Once you have identified what needs to be done keep an eye on the forecast, not only should you not apply any paints or stains in damp conditions but conditions that are too hot can also speed up the drying process and prevent the wood from benefiting of the full effects of the treatment.

Cleaning & Upgrading

One of the main aims of spring-cleaning is to help restore the wood to its best and to lengthen its lifespan. There are various treatments that can be used once the wood is clean to help it look great and protect it against the elements.

Various paints and stains are available which allows you to add a splash of colour to your garden and it can be used on decking, fencing, sheds and other wood features. Following a more severe winter you may need a more specialist paint that fills in small cracks and splinters to help restore wood. Deck stains are a traditional way to give the area a new look, while decking oils replace the natural oils in the wood that are lost over time and enhance the natural look of the wood.

Decking available from Haldane Fisher

Decking available from Haldane Fisher

Caring For Wood Afterwards

Once the woodwork around your home is in good condition and your spring-cleaning is finished, you can focus on the steps to take to keep it in top condition for the rest of the year.

Keep an eye out for any protruding screws or nails that have become exposed as this can lead to a nasty scratch if children are playing on the decking. Wash away bird droppings as often as possible as they contain substances that can affect the colour of your wood as well as developing ugly stains.

Look out for water stains under any pots on the decking or overhanging it as they can lead speed up the deterioration process. Consider lifting them off the surface and positioning hanging baskets over grass or border areas.

Spring-cleaning your decking and fencing can help increase its longevity and insure that the woodwork around your house looks at its best. This means that when the sun finally does come out, no matter how briefly, you can enjoy your garden area with only a small amount of regular maintenance.